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ENC High Temperature Bearing

ENC High Temperature Bearing
ENC High Temperature Bearing
Product Code : 29
Product Specifications
Lubrication Type :
Bearing Type :
Ball Bearing
Material :
Carbon Steel
Seals Type :
Number Of Rows :
Single Row
Product Description

 ENC High Temperature Bearing

We supply bearings to satisfy the needs of different customers from various industries. Our ENC High Temperature Bearing 330 DEGREE TEMP is designed to cater the needs of iron and steel industry. These bearings are also used in brick manufacturing, high temperature rollers, and glass manufacturing.  Our ENC High Temperature Bearing 330 DEGREE TEMP is developed with the highest quality of components which are acquired by trusted vendors of the industry.


  • These bearings are available at best competitive prices

  • These bearings have strong built

  • These bearings are developed using latest technology

Technical Characteristics

Manganese Phosphate surface treatment

AISI 52100 Steel

Increased radial clearance to compensate expansions

ZZ and OPEN available

Fields of use

Brick manufacturing kiln karts

High temperature rollers

Iron and steel industry

Glass manufacturing

ENC High Temperature Bearing

ENC 330º - SERIE 6000
Diameter(D)Width (W)WeightSpeed
Static charge
6000 ENC ZZ 330ºC10268202951.14
6001 ENC ZZ 330ºC12288252751.37
6002 ENC ZZ 330ºC15329302651.65
6003 ENC ZZ 330ºC173510402501.88
6004 ENC ZZ 330ºC204212692402.89
6005 ENC ZZ 330ºC254712801803.38
6006 ENC ZZ 330ºC3055131201504.62
6007 ENC ZZ 330ºC3562141601256.01
6008 ENC ZZ 330ºC4068151901156.8
6009 ENC ZZ 330ºC4575162501008.27
6010 ENC ZZ 330ºC508016260909.02
6011 ENC ZZ 330ºC5590183908512.26
6012 ENC ZZ 330ºC6095184208013.43
6013 ENC ZZ 330ºC65100184407014.45
6014 ENC ZZ 330ºC70110206006818.21
6015 ENC ZZ 330ºC75115206406319.65
6016 ENC ZZ 330ºC80125228505522.1
6017 ENC ZZ 330ºC85130228905523.7
6018 ENC ZZ 330ºC901402411505527.6


ENC 330º - SERIE 6200
Diameter(D)Width (W)WeightSpeed
Static charge
6200 ENC ZZ 330ºC10309302751.5
6201 ENC ZZ 330ºC123210372651.79
6202 ENC ZZ 330ºC153511452502.17
6203 ENC ZZ 330ºC174012652202.75
6204 ENC ZZ 330ºC2047141101703.79
6205 ENC ZZ 330ºC2552151301604.62
6206 ENC ZZ 330ºC3062162001206.48
6207 ENC ZZ 330ºC3572172901108.5
6208 ENC ZZ 330ºC4080183709510.4
6209 ENC ZZ 330ºC4585194109011.79
6210 ENC ZZ 330ºC5090204608013.86
6211 ENC ZZ 330ºC55100216107016.9
6212 ENC ZZ 330ºC62110227806520.81
6213 ENC ZZ 330ºC65120239906023.99
6214 ENC ZZ 330ºC701252410405525.43
6215 ENC ZZ 330ºC751302512105528.32
6216 ENC ZZ 330ºC801402614005030.3
6217 ENC ZZ 330ºC851502818005035.3
6218 ENC ZZ 330ºC901603021505040.5


ENC 330º - SERIE 6300
Diameter(D)Width (W)WeightSpeed
Static charge
6300 ENC ZZ 330ºC103511522301.99
6301 ENC ZZ 330ºC123712602202.4
6302 ENC ZZ 330ºC154213801903.12
6303 ENC ZZ 330ºC1747141201753.79
6304 ENC ZZ 330ºC2052151401604.91
6305 ENC ZZ 330ºC2562172251506.59
6306 ENC ZZ 330ºC3072193501159.35
6307 ENC ZZ 330ºC3580214509010.98
6308 ENC ZZ 330ºC4090236208014.45
6309 ENC ZZ 330ºC45100258307518.5
6310 ENC ZZ 330ºC501102710506521.25
6311 ENC ZZ 330ºC551202913506027.46
6312 ENC ZZ 330ºC601303117005530.06
6313 ENC ZZ 330ºC651403321005034.68
6314 ENC ZZ 330ºC701503525004539.1
6315 ENC ZZ 330ºC751603730004544.2
6316 ENC ZZ 330ºC801703936004547.7
6317 ENC ZZ 330ºC851804142504553.2
6318 ENC ZZ 330ºC901904349004559.6





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